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Mycenae Jewellery

I began crafting jewellery in high school at the age of 12. The creative process drew me in at this early age and is still with me to this day! I have been fortunate enough to have spent many years creating one off designer pieces of jewellery.

A rewarding aspect of crafting jewellery comes from getting to know a little about the client; their lifestyle, what they like, how they spend their time, what their passions are. Also understanding the sentimental value the piece will bring to my client allows me to take on board their story and design a piece that best suits them.

The reactions I receive on presenting a piece are so rewarding and it is the reward that I love.

I am fortunate to have most of my clients referred; which is also very much appreciated. I find clients returning years later to have further pieces crafted for other important occasions in their lives.

A lot of my work tends to be redesigning older pieces handed down in the family, or settings that are now outdated. I am privileged to have the trust of my clients and find further inspiration in the crafting of each piece of jewellery.

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