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Season's of Change

Inspired by the cathedral artwork of Europe. This piece represents the season’s of life, as life is simply a series of season’s. Each season represents different facets of our individual story. Obsidian for protection and removal of negativity. Amber to cleanse the environment and purifying the body.
Pigskin with hand drawn pigment ink.
Black obsidian gemstone in sterling silver.
Amber in sterling silver.
Hand saw pierced copper embellishment.
Hand carved wax, cast in bronze, feature piece at bottom.
Sterling silver PJM Artisan logo.
Leather plaited strap.
Reclaimed hardwood timber floorboards.


When I began drawing with pigment ink on leather it just felt right. I was more comfortable doing this than I was drawing on paper. The pen just seemed to flow.

Many years ago I spent 3 weeks in Canada and it was during this time that I discovered the native people’s art and their method for painting on Buffalo hides. The affiliation I had for this form of art was instant and my holiday was the original inspiration for drawing on leather and hides.
Timber is a natural product that draws me in and woodwork is something I have long been passionate about pursuing. With most of my work involving reclaimed timber, each piece has is its own individual characteristics; inviting me to craft it into the finished item it wants to be! I love the grain and watching it transpire from a rough sawn piece of lumber to a finely finished piece of art that has been oiled and sealed. Beautiful.

I am now crafting mixed media art pieces, combining bronze and sterling silver castings with hand carved copper and brass embellishments. These are joined by the leather drawings and select semi precious gemstones to create my unique range of organic artwork.

Prints of my designs mounted onto reclaimed timber are also available

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