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Paul’s creative journey began as a child when he would spend many hours hammering in nails and making thing’s in his Grandfathers shed. “I was always interested in tools of any kind, my Grandfather was a handyman who could make just about anything and I spent a lot of time under his guidance as a youngster.”

“In high school I was drawn into the manual arts and was passionate about the woodwork and art metal courses. This led to work experience and an apprenticeship in the jewellery industry, in my home town of Wagga.”

The jewellery industry took Paul on a 30 year journey beginning at the Gold Coast for many years, then onto Darwin, and finally to Noosa Heads in Queensland where he is now available for private consultation. Paul was fortunate enough to work for some of Australia’s leading jewellery houses along the way, which has left an incredible influence on him. This has allowed him to create his own unique design style.

Although Paul is trained to craft high jewellery, he is also known for many other creative endeavours. His leather cuff range of accessories are influenced by tribal and ethnic designs, combining leather with sterling silver and rose gold.
Reclaimed rustic furniture crafted from old wood is another skill in Paul’s repertoire. “Sourcing old wood that may easily be 100 years of age or more, and crafting something unique that will outlive me is a special feeling. This material has so much character and I find it so easy to loose track of time just starring at the grain.”

“For me it’s about craftsmanship and the creative journey, to form an idea, create a design and see it through to the final stages is an incredibly rewarding process. I feel honoured to be able to make a living from this process.”

Paul is a multi dimensional artist, expressing his creativity through varied platforms. Inspired by old world design and architecture, along with ethnic and tribal embellishment, natural products are all combined and subject to his creative touch.

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